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Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care DSAC is a national organization of doctors and nurses, formed in 1988, to develop and maintain standards of best practice in the delivery of medical and forensic services in the area of sexual assault/abuse.

SYHPANZ The Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand (was established to benefit the community as a whole by improving the healthy development and wellbeing of New Zealand’s young people.

The New Zealand Sexual Health Society NZSHS Incorporated is a group of professionals working or interested in the field of Sexual Health. Membership is multidisciplinary and includes doctors, nurses, counsellors, educators, health promoters and others in Public Health working in the field of sexually transmissible infections, including HIV/AIDS, and sexual and reproductive health.

Rape Prevention Education Rape Prevention Education (RPE) works in the greater Auckland area and nationally to prevent sexual violence through the delivery of education and health promotion/prevention activities. Where appropriate, RPE works with Tangata Whenua and other allied professionals in partnership to develop community services, education programmes, health promotion, research and advocacy.
New Zealand Sexual Health Society

The following downloadable PDF's for Best Practice Guides have been produced by NZSHS, with funding from the Ministry of Health. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the information in these resources is correct at the time of publishing.

For a full list of all New Zealand Sexual Health Society (NZSHS) Incorporated guidelines, please click here

Download the NZSHS guidelines as PDF

STI Summary of Guidelines
Partner Notification guideline summary
Chlamydia Guideline - Summary

Epididymo-orchitis Guideline - Summary

Genital Herpes Guideline

Genital Skin Lesions Summary

Genital Ulcer Disease Summary

Genital Warts Guideline - Summary

Gonorrhea Guideline - Summary

Herpes Summary of Guidelines
HPV Key Information - Summary
Non-Ulcerative Genital Skin Lesions guideline

PID Guideline - Summary

Sexual Health Check guideline summary
Syphilis Guideline - Summary

Trichomoniasis Guideline - Summary

Urethritis Guideline - Summary

Vaginal Discharge Summary

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