STIEF Project Manager Update

Many of you will know that STIEF is a small organisation, in terms of people, but one which generates impressive outputs nonetheless. The organisation was founded and has been managed by Claire Hurst for over 20 years.

Claire has worked tirelessly to uphold the gold standard tripartite approach of a clinical, therapeutic and consumer focus in order to ensure optimal management of people affected by sexually transmitted infections in New Zealand. Claire has driven the evolution and expansion of the Foundation over the years whilst keeping the core two projects, the New Zealand Herpes Foundation and the New Zealand HPV Project, objectives undiluted. The demonstrably used and user-friendly resources produced by STIEF, under Claire’s leadership, have been established as the go-to resources for consumers and health professionals in New Zealand. A marvellous achievement indeed.

In June 2016, Claire retired from the role of Project Manager, and the baton has been passed onto Hayley Samuel. Hayley has joined STIEF with over 10-years of experience with Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC) as both National Manager (nearly 8 years) and providing remote administrative/managerial support (over 2 years). Hayley’s background is as a registered Medical Laboratory Scientist having specialised in immunology and virology and also training in psychotherapy.

Fortunately, STIEF has not lost Claire’s expertise entirely, as Claire continues to manage the Helpline, remains as a Director on the Board, and is the Nurse Counsellor member on the Professional Advisory Board.