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1 in 5 sexually active people

have some form of

sexually transmitted infection,

do you need to be tested?

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PLAN – be prepared

PACK – condoms / contraception

PROTECT – from STIs and unplanned pregnancy

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Condoms are essential for

preventing the spread of STIs

but they do not provide

100% protection

No blame no shame, get yourself tested (GYT)

Life goes on, it's good to have JUST THE FACTS about STIs

Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs (sometimes called sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs) are very common and most of us will have at least one STI in our lifetime. The good news, most STIs are curable, and all are treatable.

Find out on this site about getting an STI test, all the Facts and Myths about STIs and where to go for help.

Read about safer sex, how to take care of your penis or vagina and just the facts about virginity & the hymen myth.

Share JUST THE FACTS with your kind of people and help to educate our community about STI topics.

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Do I need an STI check?
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STI Myths & Facts
What does safe sex mean?
Where can I go for help?
What are the symptoms of STIs/STDs?
How do I tell a partner?
Worried about pregnancy?
get just the facts about STIs and STDs in relationships
Just and Facts if your worried about HIV / Aids

Support and information for Healthcare Providers – New Zealand Sexual Health Society Incorporated


Just the Facts videos on STIs

Check out these awesome videos to explain sexual health topics. Taken with the help of our friends at Theta.

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